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What is More To Life?

More To Life runs courses to empower you to create what really matters to you.
Some of the themes are:
  • responding creatively to situations
  • being authentic and true to yourself
  • reducing  stressful reactions
  • controlling your automatic behaviors
  • forgiving yourself and others
  • building deeper relationships
  • working better with people
  • enjoy being of service to the world
  • experiencing a greater peace
  • having more fun!



More To Life Events Ahead

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3jun - 5jun 36:00 pmjun 5More To Life Weekend; Madrid, SpainEvent:More To Life WeekendCountry|City:Madrid,Spain,UK/EU
3jun - 5jun 37:00 pmjun 5More To Life Weekend; Knoxville, TNEvent:More To Life WeekendCountry|City:Knoxville,USA
10jun - 12jun 107:00 pmjun 12Event CancelledMentor 'A' Phase 'Power of Self Esteem' Training; London, UKEvent:Mentor 'A' Training,Mentor TrainingCountry|City:London,UK/EU
18jun - 25All DayAdvanced/Residential Course: Way of a Warrior; Boone, NCEvent:Advanced Course,Evolution of MasteryCountry|City:Houston TX,USA

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What will you get?

Practical, reality-based tools for living that give you immediate results (which get bigger and stronger the more you apply them). You’ll be able to:

  • better connect with your feelings
  • release negative emotions
  • free yourself from old – and new – inner accusations
  • let go of  your unproductive habits
  • have a real and objective basis for your self-esteem
  • connect with your purposes and goals

What we don’t do

How you use what you learn is up to you. MTL’s courses won’t:

  • ask you to rely on someone else’s ideas or beliefs
  • provide a permanent ‘fix’ for your personal choices
  • encourage you to avoid or deny your real feelings
  • lead you to become anyone other than the unique person you already are

The bottom line

These skills are truly transformational, yet you’re always in charge of how and when you apply them. 

When you do, they will empower you to bring your best self forward, again and again, in response to the challenges and goals that are specific to your own life path.