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When Greatness Meets Greatness

Dr. Roy Whitten trained in psychology and theology and did his PhD in Transformative Learning and Change. He has been a priest, trainer, coach, entrepreneur, sales director and business consultant, helping over 100,000 people to transform their lives. Today, he is a principal partner in Whitten & Roy Partnership, a sales consulting firm that transforms sales, management, and leadership for socially-minded organizations.

Dr. K Bradford Brown first became interested in the connection between social, spiritual and psychological development as a young priest in California in the 1950s.  He was active in the early days of the civil rights movement, before leaving the U.S. to briefly become a visiting fellow in adult education at Oxford University.

Brad continued exploring these connections as a psychologist and then as a psychotherapist working with some of the most pioneering minds in this field, including Victor Frankl and Alan Watts. From there, Brad along with his wife Dr. Anne Brown, also a psychotherapist, founded the Institute for Family and Human Relations in Los Gatos in the 1970’s.

The two men met when Brad was asked to give a guest sermon at Roy’s church while Roy was away. The sermon was a success and their relationship developed from there.  As time passed, both Brad and Roy wanted to find a way to offer others the skills and practices they developed through their work in psychotherapy and counselling. In 1981, More To Life (formerly The Life Training) was born and the first course was offered in San Jose, CA. 

Within a few years the program had extended into new locations in the United States, as well as South Africa, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom – and its growth continues today.

Brad Brown died in August 2007 at the age of 76 from complications of Parkinson’s disease. The vision he developed with Roy lives on, through the unique and powerful work they shared with the world.

"To create, we must learn to stand on other people’s shoulders humbly."

Dr K Bradford Brown
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