Connecting Money to What Matters

Can the world really be transformed?

Can one person truly make a difference?

The answer to these questions is a resounding YES.

Through their experience in counselling and psychotherapy, Dr K Bradford Brown and Dr Roy Whitten saw the powerful connection between social, spiritual, and psychological development. This observation became a vision, and it’s this vision that created the More To Life curriculum of courses.  Today, More To Life courses are taught across four continents and have helped thousands of individuals transform their lives. 

As More To Life is a non-profit organisation, this work is not possible without the generosity of More To Life Foundation Sponsors. Donate as little or as much as you would like – it all counts. So let’s get started.


Sponsorship Donations


To make a one-time Sponsorship Donation, simply select the country that applies to you.


Company Gift Matching

Remember to ask your company if they offer a Gift Matching Program. This will extend your donation even further.


Commemorative Gifts

Consider making a gift to the More To Life Foundation in honour of friends and loved ones.


Honorary Gifts

Donations given in honour of a friend, family member or colleague in recognition of their birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion.

Memorial Gifts

If you would like to remember someone who loved and learned from More To Life during his or her lifetime, you can make a gift in that person’s memory.

Bequest Gifts

Consider making a gift to the More To Life Foundation in honour of friends and loved ones.


Make a Gift in Your Will or Trust

Charitable bequests through your will are amoung the easiest ways to make significant future gifts to the charities that matter most to you.

Name the More To Life Foundation as a Beneficiary

Your retirement accounts, life insurance policies, or savings and investment accounts make for an excellent choice for funding a charitable gift.

"My heart is filled by giving love never emptied by it."

Dr K Bradford Brown

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