Thank You From the Design & Align International Transition Team

To all of you who contributed to the Design & Align Teams and process – Thank you!

As the More To Life Organization continues to move toward its revised state, it is time to thank the many people who have contributed to our process of change, from participants in the original Edward Groody and Associates survey, through to the Banning Mills and Atlanta Design and Align gatherings, and beyond.  The listening and truth-telling exercise informed the two formative gatherings, where a total of ten Design and Align teams were established, leading to a host of subsequent meetings. These teams have worked to recommend new ways of operating that honoured our existing strengths, and enabled MTL to adapt to achieve our vision and meet an ambitious set of strategic goals, in alignment with changing market conditions.

MTL Leaders from around the world contributed to the following teams:

  • Business Model & Plan
  • Communications
  • Contracting, Licensing and IP
  • Fundraising & Donor Development
  • Marketing, Sales & PR
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Product Development
  • Product Innovation
  • Structure & Governance
  • Training Forum

Each team typically comprised between four and eight people, usually from different parts of the world, who spent many hours researching, reviewing, creating, reviewing and recreating a more adaptable and more effective MTL international organization.  Beyond those teams were often additional people who contributed indirectly to the change process.

The list of people who have made a significant contribution to the change is too extensive to include in the body of this email, so we have chosen to put your name in the list at the end. Also, we have added a list of highlights of our achievements since 2016.

To everyone involved, the International Council of Stewards, the International Transition Team and our Operations Hub team members are deeply grateful.  We could not have made the changes we have without your generosity of spirit, commitment in terms of time and energy, and belief in the continuing value of the MTL work.

We believe that 2018 will mark a turning point for More To Life as the organizational changes and new initiatives begin to impact.

The initiatives include the following:

  • The new MTL website and logo are being launched in 2nd Quarter 2018
  • Pilot programs have been developed for LaunchPad and the Procastinator’s Guide
  • The one-day course for ‘Releasing the Past’, which is being offered to MTL students as a gift (no fees),   has been well received in the communities in which it has been offered to date
  • Video content is being created to support each type of MTL course as part of the marketing kit
  • The Fundraising Team and Country Program Directors are working to re-establish relationships with past donors and sponsors
  • The Fundraising Team has raised US $1,100,000 towards the Legacy 2022 – A Stand for Love in the World campaign

We see a growth in the number of personal transformations around the world.  The recent MTL Weekend in London had 50 participants and 53 team members, the largest training held in London for several years.

Thank you so much for the part you have played in laying the groundwork for this sort of growth. There will be more opportunities to come!

We acknowledge you, and encourage you now to acknowledge yourself!

Carol Allan

On behalf of the International Transition Team

Honour Roll: All those who have contributed in any way to Design & Align, including:

Carol Allan, Robbie Allan, Stephen Allan, Elaine Alpert, Pascale Ascher, Nick Ashill, Andy Austin, Franki Baker, Ginny Ballou, j. Gregory Barton, Kay Bastin, Anne Bauer, Ulrich Bergler, Lei-Anna Bertlesen, Troy Bertlesen, Moana Bianchin, Hilary Bichovsky, Heide Block, Wendy Bouman, Jenny Bresick, Melodie Brier, Anne Brown, Sara Marks Brown, Sofie De Bruecker, Patricia Bryce, Martha Buchanan, Tony Buhl, Valerie Burson, Patricia Byrne, Cindi Cameron, Gretchen Carlson, Geraldine Carter, Karen Cassidy, Sahera Chohan, John Coats, Pam Coats, Shea Collins, Tom Colquitt, Andrea Constantine, Amy Cook, Zoe Grace Cozens, Tom Crisp, Issy Crocker, Jeanine Dalais, Grisel Damgaard, Tim Dempsey, Hilde DeVolder, Mandy Dewar, Susan Downs, Penny Dressor, Judi Dumont-Barter, Martha Edgemon, Audrey Elder, Alex Eyre, Michael Fiedler-Panajotopoulos, Steb Fisher, Ian Forbes, Phillippa Francis, Humphrey Gale, Briar Gallagher, Robbie Gammack, Hugh Goldsmith, Felipe Gomez-Ferrandiz, Frances Grant, Edward Groody, Mindy Guthrie, Laulee Harris, Susanne Hattingh, Sylvia Hebert, Ben Hickey, James Hickman, Marna Holley, William Holt, Amina Hoosain, Sharon Hoover, Jeannie Horsfield, Johnene Horton, Elaine Howald, Reed Howald, David Howard, Kitty Hu, Ian Huddleston, Mike Hulley, Barbara Hunt, Cristy Hunt, Laura Hutchinson, Janet Ireland, Leslie Irwin, Peggy Jarrett, Erick Jones, Pie-Pacifique Kabalira, Warren Kahn, Lisa Kane, Anne Kania, Sarah Kay, Kimberly Keller, Crystal Kiss, Karen Kiss, Peter Kiss, Melly Knabe, Hilary De Kok, Gordon Laing, Sherry Lawrence, Amina Leila, Diana Lennard, Suzanne Loubris, Tessa Lucas, Peter Lurie, David Maclean, Robyn Madden, Bill Makens, Diana Makens, Oskar Marchok, Jan Matney, Beth McAlpine, Helen McFarlane, Jan McGill, Michelle McKay, Amy McLennan, Ann McMaster, Jenny Meadows, Salomon Medina, Sherry Merritt, Elaine Van Meter, Ester Moag, Thato Molepe, Gerry Moline, Alyson Morley, Joel Muller, Lindiwe Ndlela, Nicky Needham, Marketta Newby, Ishani Noble, Ruth Oliver, Iona Palmer, Lily Parish, Richard Perry, Vania Phitidis, Ross Pierkowski, Jesse Pollard, Shena Pyke, Vijay Reddy, Cathy Reinhold, Mary Reynolds, Harvey Rhodes, Mark Ritchie, Annie Romanos, Jeff Rose, Joye Gilbert Ross, Scott Roy, Phil Ruff, Stephen Rushton, Sophie Sabbage, Rosa Santesmases, Rhonnie Schlatter, Cynthia Schwenk, Nancy Self, Kerri Shannon, Lisa Sherman, Trish Silber, Shireen Singer, Helen Smith, Louise Smith, Linda Sonier, Donna Southwick, Maggie Spooner, Paige Stafford, Nicci Statham, Sarah Stephens, Kristen Swartz, Richard Swartz, Judi Talley, Lorraine Tapper, Mark Tardiff, David Templer, Bill Thatcher, Jeremy Timm, Claire Trivino, Anne Trusler, Jeanenne Tucker, Justine Tyrell, Katherine van Haeften, Clare Vivian-Neal, Marcia Walker, Joanne Walsh, Brocas Walton, Steven Walton, Amycla Webb, Jeremy Webb, Petra Weidgen, Aimee Welton, AnneMarie Widmer, Denise Wilbanks, Paula Williams, Owen Woollaston, Susan Wright, Hazel Yeomans, Nicole Zuber…

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