The More To Life Weekend

What is the More To Life Weekend?

Life constantly surprises us with unexpected moments that come our way. We call these “lifeshocks”.  These lifeshocks require us to respond in new ways every day, but our ‘natural’ response can be limited by habitual patterns of behaviour developed over time.

The More To Life Weekend is our immersive foundational course within a curriculum of More To Life courses. It examines the way our habitual beliefs and unconscious fears can often conspire to keep us from becoming our most authentic and creative selves. Held over three consecutive days, this course delivers a robust collection of pragmatic tools for you to practice immediately to access your best qualities on a daily basis, and respond to those challenges that confront you.

Our goal is to awaken and empower individuals to help them access their own unique power, purpose, and potential and create a new vision of life for themselves, and for the world in which we live.


This course has been awarded accreditation by the Continuing Professional Development Standards Office, and can be used to satisfy your development activity which may be a condition of maintaining your membership of, or registration with, a professional body, or a licence in a particular field.

Course Focus

  • Strengthening the will

    An exercise of personal discipline in which you give your word to do (or not do) a variety of activities throughout the course. It allows you to see the pattern of your unconscious thinking, and step through it to create the life that you really want.

  • Expanding your personal authority

    A process that allows you to take a stand on your true ‘yes’ or your true ‘no’ at key moments in your life, without disconnecting from yourself or others.

  • Truth-telling

    The process of verifying your interpretations of events and clarifying the truth of what is happening, as it happens.

  • Choosing

    The practice of taking your stand on the way you personally want to be in your life, whatever the circumstances around you.

  • Challenging old beliefs

    A physical exercise that enables you to break free of limiting beliefs you may have been holding about yourself and life.

  • Practicing forgiveness

    Demonstrating why resentment affects us more than those we resent, and teaching an effective way to let go of it.

  • Forgiving ourselves

    A way to access accusations and demands you may be holding against yourself, and experience the freedom of letting them go.

Why Should I Take The More To Life Weekend?

Each person who takes the course gets something different from it and the benefit of an intensive weekend format is that you experience more continuity and thus can work at a greater depth. Participants describe emerging with a new vision of life that works to transform their personal effectiveness and enrich their sense of purpose, for a lasting sense of happiness and inner peace. So the question is, “Why shouldn’t you take it?”

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