Urgent Deadline –
June 30th

Mailer #3 | Posted June 17/18, 2021

Dear Pathmates,

Thank you to the 50+ sponsors who have answered the call for “A Year Together.”  Current donations have us off to a solid start, and we aim to finish the month by reaching this month’s goal to reach 40 additional sponsors to make a monthly commitment before June 30. Will you be one of the 15 donors from the US, 15 donors from the UK, and 10 donors from New Zealand by the end of June?

The purpose of “A Year Together” is to build steady funding for the basic operations of More To Life as communities relaunch in-person trainings and a sustainable business model can be solidified. 

What will my sponsorship do?

  • Sponsorships will underwrite the international Global Ops Hub (GOH), which includes Country Program Directors who help facilitate the growing number of courses, workshops, and community events.

  • Contributions will also help maintain critical operations of the GOH -  website, database, communications, etc. - which facilitate the enrollment and growth of communities both locally and globally.

  • Additionally, sponsorships will help support the strides being made in the Licensed Facilitator (previously Mentor )Program so that courses can be widely offered online and in person.

We’ve updated the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)**. If you wish to see the financial reports, please contact to request access to these documents.

To maintain these functions, the goal for “A Year Together” is to raise $2,500 during the next two weeks in order to continue global operations through July. Over the coming months, we will set monthly goals to build our collective contributions with the aim of funding at least half of the operating expenses by the end of August. Together, over a short time and with many donations, we can build our capacity to sustain the operations. 

With gratitude for “A Year Together” sponsors, Senior Trainer Ann McMaster will facilitate a global connection call for sponsors on July 24th. This invitation-only offering will be available to all new and current sponsors.

We hope you will join others in this global effort..

Together we can create our future by choosing today!

Count me in


With love, honor and respect,

Mindy Guthrie
Director of Development


Hamish Jamieson

"More To Life events have made a tremendous difference to my life. I recognise the organisation is struggling in the post-COVID environment and I am happy to support them financially in a time of need."


Karina MacConnol

"The gratitude I feel for the profoundly positive learnings and connections I’ve made on MTL courses has led me to support MTL financially. I want to play my part in ensuring MTL can continue to offer everyone a way to evolve and be the best selves."


Sylvia Hebert

"I give because the healing that we experience through More To Life ripples and promotes honesty and love within our families, our friends and the world."


Mailer #1
May 6/7, 2021

A year of growth, a year of possibility, a year together

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Dear Pathmates, Over the past year, More To Life (MTL) found new footing by reorganizing to better uphold this work and support a growing international online community through creative workshops, webinars, and community calls. Perhaps you’ve attended one of the events, reconnecting with old friends, as well as delighting in new pathmates.
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Mailer #2
June 1, 2021

Now is the Time –
We Need Your Help

Posted: June 1, 2021

Dear Pathmates,

"A Year Together" is a call to join hands across More To Life (MTL) communities and countries to underpin our way forward. Your support, alongside others in the community, will source the needed funds to continue MTL's legacy of transformation and connection in people's lives. We trust that you have personally experienced a profound transformation in your own life through this work and the community.
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"My heart is filled by giving love never emptied by it."

Dr K Bradford Brown