A Year Together –
FInal six weeks – will you join us?

Mailer #5 | Posted August 12/13, 2021

Dear Pathmates,

With just over a month until the end of the ‘A Year Together’ campaign, we are closing in on our goals – 180 sponsors/donors and $150,000 pledged. Will you become one of the 72 sponsors to help us to reach our goal of 180 pledges by September 19?


When we come together, we can create meaningful transformation in our world.

More To Life is poised to transform itself to better support new and existing students, leaders and communities. During the next year, the organization will focus on business development through online infrastructure and technology. These changes will support communities with resources to communicate with existing students, market the work online and support the local delivery of meaningful trainings.

One example of the creativity and energy
bubbling up from the communities is within the Licensed Facilitator
(formerly known as Mentor) Program

Using the infrastructure devised and implemented by the UK/EU Facilitator Steering Team (FST) and Nicole Zuber (MTL Cycle Development Director), the FST has created an administrative structure and governance model which can now be shared and implemented in all regions as part of an international collaboration of LFs.

This enthusiastic group has also successfully upskilled and supported more LFs to deliver The Power of Purpose course online and they are eager to equip Licensed Facilitators with updated and reworked materials.

Pledges made to “A Year Together” will support efforts like this to reimagine, adapt, and market the trainings for both online and in-person delivery.

Support these organizational transformations by contributing today!

With many of us pledging what we can, More To Life can adjust our sails to the current realities and steer a creative and courageous path ahead. Thank you to each one who has taken a stand for the future of More To Life by being part of this campaign.

Will you join us in the final six weeks of A Year Together?

Count me in


With love, honor and respect,

Mindy Guthrie
Director of Development


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