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Your sponsorship supports a community of people who continue to bring this transformational work to people around the world, wanting to effect change. 

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A Year Together – Closing in on our goal– will you join us? 
July 19th | Mailer #4

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Urgent help neeed
June 30th | Mailer #3

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Now is the Time
We Need Your Help | Mailer #2

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A year of growth, a year of possibility, a year together | Mailer #1

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Featured Mailer #5
July 19/20, 2021

A Year Together - Final six weeks – will you join us? | Mailer #5

Posted: August 12/13, 2021

Dear Pathmates,

With just over a month until the end of the ‘A Year Together’ campaign, we are closing in on our goals – 180 sponsors/donors and $150,000 pledged. Will you become one of the 72 sponsors to help us to reach our goal of 180 pledges by September 19?

More To Life is poised to transform itself to better support new and existing students, leaders and communities. During the next year, the organization will focus on business development through online infrastructure and technology. .... Read more


"My heart is filled by giving love never emptied by it."

Dr K Bradford Brown