Legacy Fundraising Campaign

Do twice the good with one donation.

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Your contribution makes a difference.

The Legacy Fundraising Campaign is a More To Life capital improvement initiative to raise $1.5 million USD by the end of this year. These contributions will be used to resource key organisational changes so we may continue to offer this life-changing work … and with your help, we can do it! 

We have already started work on some key initiatives, some of which include: 

Engaging a senior leadership team, operating under the stewardship of our new Managing Director, Bill Thatcher, who offers the skills and expertise to position the organisation for sustainable growth expanding our global reach, recognition, and impact.

Finalising the creation of a global website featuring an enhanced user experience, increased functionality, compelling original content, and additional tools to support our students to achieve their goals.

Pursuing licensing opportunities to enable trainers, mentors, and other skilled students with an entrepreneurial spirit to develop powerful new courses.

The creation of eleven focused teams’ including Communications, Product Development, Marketing, Governance, and Business Development providing direction, and strategic planning to advance our work.

This is just the beginning, and there’s so much more ahead.