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Love, hope, healing, connection, joy, clarity, peace, and purpose. This is what the More To Life Foundation has been bringing to the world for over 37 years. Our students have shared with us. Have cried with us. Have laughed with us and have rebuilt and transformed their lives with the tools this program has created.

This Foundation – your Foundation – has been dedicated to awakening people to their own unique power, purpose, and potential. We have witnessed what becomes possible when people live their lives with truth, purpose, compassion, and love. The effect of which ripples out to their families, workplace and communities in which they live.

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In Their Own Words


The loss of both my parents hit me hard. To the point where I didn’t know who I was or what was the reason for me still being alive. I had reached a point where, on my way to work, I had earmarked a place where I would one day end myself.

When I took the More To Life Weekend, the trainers guided me as to how to help myself. I know now that whatever happens in life, I have the tools to take it on. I went in to the Weekend suicidal. I came out from on cloud nine. 


Things happen in our lives that we don’t want, and my old behavior would be to go small, withdraw, and not say anything.  More To Life radically improved my self awareness in a weekend.

Now, I am able to say “here I am. I can handle this.” It’s made a massive difference to my self-confidence and my self- esteem and how I am in the world. As a result, I experience more joy and happiness than I ever used to.


I had a two year old and a 9 month old and I was really struggling to manage my emotions around them. Struggling not to shout. Struggling not to smack. I just wanted to do parenting different to the way that I was brought up. That’s what the training has given me. The ability to be masterful around my own emotions. Once I took control of my own emotions, my children could be exactly who they are, and I could be different around them. And the joy of them came through.


2018, has been a year of building. 2019 will be a year of growth. Bringing our Program to even more people, in more places, offering new possibilities for those who want to learn how much More life can be. And we are already on our way:


You can be a part of this. Please donate today and help transform the world one person at a time. Every donation counts.

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