2018 News and Updates

The New More To Life Website Is Here!

July 2018

The first phase of the new More To Life website has launched. Its overall goal is to engage existing MTL students and enrol new ones by providing relevant content that is useful, meaningful, and can add value to their lives, as well as offering new ways for us to communicate and connect as a community. This initial launch is a step towards this, with so much more to come.

The website will be more visible, interactive, and engaging. We see it as organic where we will employ data-tracking software to map use and ease of navigation, and adjust as needed. The site puts the consumer at the center of all our decisions. It will incorporate visual cues and dynamic content through the use of blogs, podcasts, and video material: One-minute sound bites communicating course descriptions and purposes; Trainer interviews and thought pieces; Student testimonials on the Weekend, advanced, and focus courses; Topic-specific articles; Shareable quotes; Blogs that are meaningful, useful, or entertaining. This is the “more to come” and we’re so excited to now move into the second phase and work towards this.

The site layout has been created with not only our current needs in mind, but with an eye to the future. It is fully adaptable to accommodate future technologies and business development initiatives, providing us the ability to easily change and meet our students’ needs. 

For first-timers the website will

  • Be more accessible and engaging to first-time browsers

  • Communicate how More To Life courses impact individuals, communities, and the world in which we live.

  • Provide full, transparent, jargon-free information about a course, along with its accompanying video description

  • Communicate who we are, our core values and beliefs,

  • Invite the user to be part of a community which chooses to be in service to the world

  • Describe our teaching approach, its history, and its founders

  • Offer easy access to speak to someone about a course, allowing for personal enrolment

For existing students, the website

Will provide even more information and opportunities to connect so that you return to our site not only to continue your development, but also for inspiration, support tools, connection with community, and to be a part of the vision to effect change in the world.

Balancing local and global

This is an integrated global website which will automatically offer content relevant to the region from which the website is being accessed, with the option to change countries whenever the viewer chooses, giving the user full control of their experience. Usage of the website will be constantly evaluated so we can make strategic decisions on any adjustments or additions.

Course detail and the calendar

  • Serves up all relevant course content and details with the click of a button

  • Offers multiple paths of navigation to find additional courses

  • Lists any prerequisites to take each course  

  • Facilitates sharing course information with a friend  

  • Offers easy access to speak to someone about a course, as well as to hear and read prior student testimonials

  • Integrates community on the course detail page by offering assistance with accommodation and transport, if needed (Phase 2)

Our educators

We have experienced the skill and expertise of our trainers, mentors, and coaches, and we want potential students to feel a sense of confidence that they will be in good hands once they’ve signed up for a course. There is now a detailed Bio section on each of our global educators outlining their knowledge and proficiencies. In Phase 2 the website will offer easy access to trainer and coaching support, if wanted.

To be rolled out

Over the next few months even more features will be added:

  • More and new videos and blogs

  • Online registration and payment

  • The MTL rewards programme, whereby points can be accumulated for enrolling a friend or serving on team and put towards the purchase of a course

  • Access to podcasts

  • A digital course roadmap based on your goals, to continue your path of discovery

  • Online worksheets to keep practicing what was learned in a course

  • Ideas for funding of your development

  • A clear organogram of MTL, with descriptors of the various paid and volunteer roles, and the holders of these roles in each country

  • Donors will be able to donate online and see what developments are taking place  


What's next?

Our Phase 2 will include a new student portal, which will enable you to

  • Quickly search for a course you are interested in based on geography, topic, and preferences

  • Access exclusive content, including audio recordings and content for quick refreshers on the processes

  • Sign up to serve on team

  • Update your own dashboard – the courses you have taken, as well as courses that you are eligible for or currently registered for  

  • Send invitations to people you have met on various courses, and set up your own online group where you can live-chat with each other and support each other in practicing the processes

  • Find easy access to trainer and coaching support, if wanted


And in the following year, we're looking at

E-books, online courses, selling branded material online, and partnering with like-minded organisations to develop co-branded programs.

Should you discover any hiccups during your online experience, please email the issue to website-foibles@moretolife.org

"Perhaps the most successful thing we do is take the first step."

Dr K Bradford Brown

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