There’s an old story that speaks of a merchant who travels the world in search of fine pearls, and upon finding One pearl of Great Value, sold all he had and bought it. In the context of this course, The Pearl is …

Being who we are, just as we are

Honouring you, just as you are

Living in sync with The Moment, just as it is

Living congruently in these three ways is our Pearl of Great Value. It is always offered by Life – every moment of every day. That true alignment brings ease to our body, peace to our mind, translucence to our spirit and life-giving opportunities to make our difference in the world.

There is a price to pay for discovering, rediscovering and reclaiming that “at-one-ment.” It requires letting go of all demands that anything/anyone be different in any way from exactly how it is or who they are … including ourselves, especially ourselves. It requires surrendering to real reality, life as it is, in all its forms and substance. It insists we relinquish all illusions of control over how things are or should be … ever. Life relentlessly reminds us that we are not in charge and is determined to wake us up to the gifts on offer in each moment that we claim The Pearl of Great Value.

During the course, we learn how to:

  • Let go of our demands about how anything/anyone should be
  • Stop pretending we have control over the uncontrollable
  • Surrender to how we/they/IT really is
  • Stand in the middle of the Unknown and still be OK
  • Trust the part we have to play in each moment
  • Claim more congruent responses to old patterns
  • Find our freedom to make choices we never saw before

Together, we will laugh, cry, rest and rejuvenate, dive deep and surrender to the discovery and reclamation of our Pearls.

Course Dates: