Have you ever wondered why our “grand plans” sometimes run out of our “will to make it happen”? It doesn’t seem to matter if our goals are about sticking to a diet or exercise plan, or finding quality time with our significant other, raising our kids the same or differently than our parents raised us, moving further up the ladder in our career or into an altogether different career, or making money from our hobby. Why it is so easy to get side-lined and not accomplish our goals?

The word “motivation” has been so overused it has lost its meaning. The assumption is that being motivated is always a good thing. But very different motivational forces are at play in our lives – including fear, despair, and hate. The important question isn’t “Am I motivated?” but “What am I motivated by?”.

This course provides a lens through which to examine our underlying motivations that sap our will and waste our energy. We learn how to re-collect ourselves and focus our will consciously to reach the goals we want in our lives – by accessing our creativity, integrity, partnership, gratitude, willingness, integrity, and, yes, even our joy.

Our experienced trainers work with you in both group and individual formats to:

  • Understand how the will is formed
  • Identify and examine unconscious, demotivating attitudes
  • Restore your creative energy, anytime you want
  • Shift your own state into creativity and connection
  • Open yourself to innovative solutions to address or maximize any situation
  • Strengthen your resolve and unleash the very best in yourself.

Strengthening the Will illuminates how attitudes can undermine our success because we:

Give up when it starts to look hard or impossible

Exhaust ourselves to keep some “awful awful” thing from happening

Get bored with the whole idea, but are unable to quit

Resent how long it’s taking or the people who get in our way

Lose perspective, driving ourselves to the detriment of our health or relationships

Learn how to create a personal strategic plan that actually works to bring long-awaited dreams to fruition – efficiently, effectively, and with support.

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