Have you ever observed how animals can sense ill intent, friendliness, or danger far before we can? They seem to be able to read and trust the information that Life is sending to them, anticipate what’s going on, and respond accordingly.

We all have this skill – a sixth sense – however, over time this sense has become obscured, clouded by our doubt, fear, and mistrust of ourselves. But Life keeps sending us messages in the hope that we will listen. These messages may come to us as a  sinking feeling in your stomach, a cold sweat that seems to emerge out of nowhere, or a sudden burst of anxiety, fear or panic.  

This week long residential course offers the opportunity to re-learn:

  • How to live with your senses honed to help discern the things that happen in your life
  • To hear and interpret the information coming to you
  • To live your life more intuitively, more in tune, more as a whole person rather than using only your head to guide you in your decisions
  • How to tap into and trust your instincts

What if we were able to sense when someone’s afraid? Would we approach them with more compassion? What if we could sense someone’s character before closing a business deal?  Would it make us think twice about signing the contract? What if we could walk into a social function or meeting and intuit the energy in the room?

The Sixth Sense course uses group work, extended encounters with the environment, daily meditations, and personal development work to help you cultivate your intuitive abilities. We start each day with morning movements, followed by breakfast, and all sessions are led by skilled senior trainers and support staff.

Learn how to awaken your sixth sense by focusing, refining, and moving beyond your other five senses. To listen to Life’s energy and the information that is sent to you, and to live in trust and confidence, knowing that what you are doing is in alignment with your Self.  

Course Dates: