All of us were born with this natural sexual, creative energy which has an enormous range of beliefs, societal values, do's and don'ts, rights and wrongs attached to it. "This isn't okay", "We don't talk about that", or "We have to hide this away". Many of us have received these messages when we were young often leading us to believe that sexual energy is not a good thing. But once we discover the meanings, fears, and lies we have put in place, we can let go of the confusion, guilt, and judgements around expressing it. To be freed up to use and manage it in the world - from procreation to true pleasure, to feeling connected, held and loved - and embrace the reality that our sexuality is a fundamental part of who we are.

However, some may have experienced sexuality as a weapon. Where someone came into his or her space expressing sexual energy that wasn’t appropriate or was hurtful, unwanted or even traumatic. The wounds of this cut deep and need to be addressed in order to heal and embrace intimacy, open ourselves up to love and be loved, and to have that joy, connection, and creativity.

The More To Life Sexuality Course is an experience offered in a respectful, honouring environment where people can be who they really are, and talk about the things that don’t get talked about.

During this two-day course, we will work together to:

  • Identify personal boundaries
  • Become more at ease in our bodies
  • Acknowledge and understand 'choice'
  • Explore how trust impacts your sexuality
  • Truly understand that we were made to be sexual beings
  • Examine the lies and meanings that we put in place about our sexuality
  • Address fears of not being able to control our sexual urges or keep our word of fidelity
  • Acknowledge and reclaim our sexuality as one of the most fundamental and fulfilling aspects of our humanity

Through our exploration of our chosen boundaries, we can identify other areas in our lives where our boundaries, or lack of them, have not served us well. When our boundaries are in place, whether they're sexual, physical, work related, in relationships, or related to your children, we can be more of who we are, authentic, confident, and truly seen.


Course Dates: