Human connection is one of the most important contributors to a happy and healthy life. We all want to feel appreciated, listened to, respected, and heard – in our home life – as well as our work life. Yet why is it that many of us sometimes feel lonely and disconnected, and believe we are undervalued or unseen? How can we change this and create meaningful relationships? The More To Life Relationship course can help.

Whether you’re in a romantic relationship or would like to ready yourself for a future one - for parents and children - to brothers and sisters - this course is for anyone who wants to enrich their relationships with others.

During this course, you will learn tools and techniques that can help:

Remove barriers:  Learn to see and remove the protective walls you unconsciously put in place between yourself and others.

Challenge old beliefs: Most people carry their family of origin with them throughout their life. Whether they intend to or not, these initial lessons of how men and women ought to be, and the roles they assume, affects our own relationships in unexpected ways. Learn how to challenge these old beliefs to create and strengthen the relationships in your life.

Set Boundaries: Understand the difference between chosen boundaries and emotional walls. Learn how to set and hold your boundaries to give people clear markers for how you’d like to be treated.

Heartfelt Communication:  Learn how to say what you feel and think in ways that others can understand, listen with openness, and see things from the viewpoint of others.

Profound Awareness:  Learn who you are, what you want from your relationships, and how to take responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings.

Conflict Resolution:  Experience the difference between what it is to compromise vs. simply giving in. Learn how to negotiate without any blame or argument so that a compromise and agreement can be found.

Together we will learn how to reclaim yourself in your relationships while allowing others to do the same. Understand and let go of pain, frustration and self-accusations while forgiving yourself and others. Let’s create More meaningful, connecting relationships and experience how much More life can be.

Course Dates: