As people, we almost universally want to be seen and heard - whether it's at home, at work, or just out living our lives. However most of us are so busy talking, fixing or doing, we don’t take a moment to connect not only with other people, but with what is going on inside of us, leaving us feeling uncertain, lost, and lonely. Un-addressed feelings of blame, resentment, jealousy, or even guilt can surface and these emotions can quickly overshadow the rich and powerful ways that we could be engaging with others, and showing up in our lives.

The Power of Connection offers practices that encourage us to be willing to have challenging or difficult conversations that we might be anxious about or want to avoid. We learn how to differentiate between what our mind is predicting will happen - a future state that we can’t know in the present - and what is really true about the situation. There are very specific tools and techniques that you will learn that you can use at will when you want to be heard or to hear others and connect with them in a way that is more productive, more fulfilling, and ultimately more sustaining.

What could be different in your relationships if your power of connection was changed in a dynamic and transformative way?

Connecting is not just a powerful skill. It will help you become a more fulfilled individual, a more caring friend, a more loving partner, a more successful parent, a more productive colleague, and a more effective leader.  And when we stop to connect with ourselves, its easier to know what we want, and to go about getting it.  

The Power of Connection teaches you to:

  • Learn from experiences of the past
  • Stop repeating patterns that don’t work
  • Find your real wants and express them
  • Speak so you get heard and listen so others know they have been heard
  • Transform differences into possibilities
  • Step through inhibitions and fears and help others do the same
  • Discover new levels of satisfaction, fulfilment and intimacy in your life

There is a different way of being. There is More To Life.

The Power of Connection course is taught by More To Life Licensed Facilitators, who are individuals who have been instructed and qualified by our trainer body to lead small-format, topic-based courses such as this one. Our Licensed Facilitators have been granted a license by the More To Life Foundation to teach these courses privately, as well as through colleges, schools, governmental agencies, and in partnership with other non-profit organisations around the world.

The pricing of this course varies.  Please contact the More To Life Licensed Facilitator directly for details.

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