We often fear that if we open up, people will hurt us, we will be judged, or misunderstood. Perhaps it's the reason why in our culture we place so much emphasis on “doing things" and "being busy" leaving us little time to feel.
In this course you will practice expanding your heart for when the heart is truly open, you can tune in and access what is most precious to you, connecting to your authentic and most sacred dreams.  From this connection, you can learn to pursue them by responding to life at all times from the bottom of your heart, from the bottom of you.

The course offers a safe, secure, and intimate environment in which you are able to engage physically and emotionally. Meditative reflections help you release anger and fear and allow love back in your heart. This is a profoundly supportive experience of being with yourself and sharing with others that will empower you to open to the emotional and spiritual dimensions of the heart.

Let the fear go and let love in.

Course Dates: