How much value do you place on creating and spending money, compared to everything else in your life?

Inside each of us is a miser, a gambler, a hoarder and a big spender, and each is fighting for control. These shady characters rob us of our natural self-esteem, distort our personal values, and refocus our attention to the pursuit of riches rather than the pursuit of true happiness.  These characters not only rob us of our joy, but also actually prevent us from making money.

Making Money Count examines the beliefs that control your relationship with your finances. You begin by recognising how your current financial situation unerringly matches the pattern of fears, expectations, and demands that were generated in early childhood, which now control the way you make, manage, and save your money. These patterns have led to a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of money, its power and its limits.

During this course, we will teach you a series of tools so you can:

  • Separate the value of your money from your "value" as a person
  • Stop ignoring money issues and become aware of the value of managing your money
  • Let go of the fear of losing money and free yourself to become more creative about making it
  • Free yourself from old fears and insecurities
  • Strengthen your discipline with how you spend and use money
  • Develop a new perspective on the nature of stewardship and investment
  • Use money as a resource, not only for yourself, but also as a resource in the world that represents your true values and purposes
  • Discover the rewards of generosity and giving, instead of being driven to amass or hoard riches

Above all, seeing the link between how we value money and how we value ourselves frees us to make the choices that truly serve our interests, instead of living our life on a treadmill of delusion.

Few courses in the MTL Programme have such a direct impact on our practical well-being as Making Money Count, because few other things affect our lives in such a material way as money does.

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