Living Yes! offers an opportunity for those who have taken Way of a Warrior  to come together again, learning even more deeply and experientially what it means to say Yes! to all that Life has on offer.  At Living Yes! you will be awakened to the fact that you are the ‘Author’ of your life – quite a tall order!  This week will expand your knowing of your Self, enhance your ability to connect wholeheartedly, and amplify your understanding of others.  Living Yes! is about liberating yourself to be more of who you are at your essence, to be seen as you genuinely are, and to come together as Warriors of the Spirit living in community.

Your shared experiences at Living Yes! will equip and embolden you to bring this energy forth in your own lives, with your families, and in your communities in ways that truly make a difference.

  • Deepen your own healing
  • Live in your truth firmly and resiliently
  • Step through false limits and fears
  • Own your leadership and ‘follower-ship’ in team situations
  • Bring forward your own uniqueness powerfully and unreservedly
  • Face your fears while being supported by others
  • Learn how to support others more effectively through their fears and concerns
  • And quite possibly discover something uniquely just for you!

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  – Aristotle

The format:

The first part of Living Yes! is spent in the training room, sharing, bonding, and working with some of the most powerful processes within the More To Life Programme.  Participants will have an opportunity to heal old personal pain, loss, and grief, and to fully claim whom they have, in fact, become.

In the second part of this course, we move outdoors. Here we continue to practice living and supporting each other in community, while embracing the challenges of traversing a ropes course, rafting down a river with an overnight stay in tents, before completing the experience as a community of Warriors.

Course Dates: