During the first three days of Living Yes! we deepen the spiritual healing we started at Way of a Warrior – to stand in a deep knowing of who we are.  We continue to learn how to consciously embrace our individual differences, talents, and strengths as we face our challenges, confront our fears, and with courage, come together to create something truly extraordinary.  We practice being with and listening deeply and courageously to like-hearted people who have come together from all over the world. People who teach us to be more authentic, real and kind. We practice softening and opening our hearts to others while standing as ourselves.

In the second part of this course, we move outdoors. Here we practice living and supporting each other in community, embracing the challenges of traversing a ropes course, as well as rafting down a river. Together, we lean into these challenges as a team. Together we rewrite the old paradigm of conflicts/difficulties where someone has to win or lose.  We've created a different way to play the game of life!  One that enables everyone to 'win'. One where compassion and strength, truth and vulnerability, courage and spirit come forward. At the end of the day, we spend our evenings back at our tented campsite where we will continue to connect, love, and learn while living and sleeping surrounded by the energy and healing powers of nature.

These are opportunities to experience the countless ways to embrace the power and joy of living in our Yes, and to bring that forth, in your own life, with your family, your community, and your work, in ways that make a difference.!

Together, let's:

  • Deepen our own healing
  • Live in ones truth firmly and resiliently
  • Discover our own power in team or group situations
  • Embrace group dynamic processes
  • Bring forward powerfully and unreservedly our own uniqueness
  • Face our own challenges while being supported by other
  • Learn how to support others more effectively through their fears/concerns

Course Dates: