Have you ever been asked to think outside the box or to find a creative solution but believe you can't?

Or maybe you know yourself to be quite creative but wish you could find a way to purposefully channel this powerful energy to reflect more of who you really are?

Everyday we make choices about our relationships, our projects, and our goals that impact our effectiveness and our sense of fulfilment. But the extent of our real creative potential is rarely glimpsed because of the automatic assumptions we carry with us. These assumptions limit our experience of life and our ability to unleash our creative energy, purpose, and vision.

Living Creatively is a week long residential course which takes place in a smaller group of advanced students working together to understand the creative process.  Throughout the week:

  • We will examine what it means to live a creative life.
  • Learn to identify creativity from chaos and how to energise it in ourselves and others
  • Still the mind with daily meditative practice
  • Develop a working understanding of how to use the creative process to bring about innovative results
  • Teach people to ‘let go’ of their definition of creativity.
  • Be free to play, innovate, and collaborate in inspiring ways.
  • Experience more aliveness and freedom through intentional personal and group work
  • Learn how to activate the creative process within our daily lives
  • Return home with clarity, focus and more ease

Understanding that you are creative is one of the most powerful and reassuring things in life. Whether you want to increase your problem solving capabilities at work, see solutions to resolving a difficult family situation, or remove a 'block' so you can finish your artistic masterpiece, experience the security and peace of mind of knowing that you can always find a creative solution.

Course Dates: