Heart of the Matter (pilot) is an immersive online course, delivered over two evenings plus two full days. [The course usually runs on: two Thursdays evenings, and full-day on Saturday & Sunday. Check with your region for specifics.]

The full course is the gateway to a wide range of courses offered by the More To Life Programme.

The Heart of the Matter is being offered online as a unique pilot. The Heart of the Matter equips us with practical tools to create our life as we really want it to be.

It highlights the same learnings, insights, and processes as the ‘in-person’ weekend courses titled Launchpad and The More To Life Weekend, all of which aims to explore:

  • separating who I am from who I am not
  • clearing beliefs that make our life unnecessarily hard
  • learning about being more, not doing more
  • increasing clarity of mind & purpose
  • releasing internal chains and accumulated hurts that hold you back
  • reconnecting with who and what matters to you
  • plucking hope from hopelessness, and learning to love and be loved.

The Heart of the Matter is our online entry-level course designed to help us create a radically new relationship with all the unexpected moments and unwanted curve balls that come our way.

During the sessions, we reveal how these moments expose our unconscious inner dialogue, which offers non-stop commentary on everything that happens, and everything we do or don’t do. You will learn the value of tuning in to those thoughts that judge and criticise ourselves and others, as well as those long-held convictions that affect the way we act in every moment of our life.

Valid in certain countries: to support your continued learning and growth, your tuition fee could include access to *six follow-up sessions that take place in the evenings. Check details & times with your organizers.

Course Dates: