Like a concert pianist who is skilled but continues to practice to bring forth his/her best, we too can choose to do the same. Mastery involves an ongoing evolution of ourselves and a deepening of our ability to respond to Life.

This course is offered in a small group format and together we will work to:

  • Break through any remaining beliefs or unconscious patterns that keep you from being fully present
  • Become masterful in working through blocks, and focus on managing your own development personally and professionally
  • Practice being clear and resolute of purpose
  • Further your understanding of how we are all connected to each other, to Life, and the universe
  • Create the life you’ve wanted to live with clear, conscious choices
  • Seek and acknowledge the truth about yourself, others, and Life

Often resulting in:

  • Discernment in decision-making
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Increased ability to be focused and purposeful
  • Enhanced ability to define and create goals
  • Increased integrity in personal and business relationships

Prior to taking this course, you would have learned how to work with the mind. Evolution of Mastery turns your attention to revealing the fundamental Truth about who you. To this end, you will be encouraged and challenged while working on the edge of your abilities, and become more personally aware of your unique strengths and talents.

The cadence of Evolution of Mastery is quite different from the experience at Way of a Warrior or Living Yes! We come together as a small group (no more than 26) and start the day with morning movements to awaken our senses. The morning and evening sessions will be led by experienced senior trainers who will guide you in developing your Mastery through group as well as individual work. Your afternoons will allow time for reflection, writing, walking, meditation, rest, and integration of the work that is unfolding in you.

Your Evolving Mastery empowers you to emerge again and again from the challenges you face with clarity – ready for the next step – stronger, wiser, intentional, and with an open heart and mind.

Course Dates: