This course is one of three core courses (as distinct from focus courses) that follow the More To Life Weekend - the others being Opening the Heart and Strengthening the Will. A trilogy of work about the heart, the will and the spirit.

Whatever you call the Oneness, Spirit, Reality that reveals itself to us through lifeshocks, this course teaches you how to open to surprising revelations even in your most challenging moments. Senior trainer Sophie Sabbage, who will be leading this course with Peggy Jarrett, calls it ‘how to love our lifeshocks’ – not just facing into the image of immigrant children in cages, accepting a terminal diagnosis or finding your yes to divorce papers after eighteen years of marriage, but opening to the startling aliveness, wonder, authenticity and resolve on offer. Moment by moment. Lifeshock by lifeshock.

In this time of political upheaval, devastating climate change and significant divisiveness, how can we stand amazed, astonished, humbled and awed into response, resolution, repair? This course will show you how. It is a unique and powerful course because:

  • The art of beholding is a powerful skill that overcomes mindtalk without applying verification and accesses truths through breath. Imagine! Just breath.
  • It will directly engage you with societal lifeshocks as well as personal ones, enabling you to see beyond your own life and bring discernment to events in the world.
  • It will put your ‘spiritual’ legs on solid ground and guide them to walk the path they are meant for.
  • It will teach you how to discern the nature of lifeshocks and claim their gifts anytime.

As profound as an advanced course, but all in a weekend!

Course Dates: